2023 5th International Conference on Communications, Information System and Software Engineering(CISSE 2023)

Call For Papers


The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Communication Engineering

Algorithms 算法

Communication Systems 通信系统

Compilers and Interpreters 编译器和解释器

Computer Architecture & VLSI 计算机体系结构和超大规模集成电路

Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems 计算机体系结构和嵌入式系统

Computer Graphics & Virtual Reality 计算机图形与虚拟现实

Computer Networks and Data Communication 计算机网络和数据通信

Computer Security 计算机安全

Computer Simulation 计算机模拟

Computer Vision 计算机视觉

Data Communications 数据通讯

Data Compression 数据压缩

Digital Signal and Image Processing 数字信号和图像处理

Digital System and Logic Design 数字系统与逻辑设计

Distributed and Parallel Processing 分布式并行处理

Event Driven Programming 事件驱动编程

Human Computer Interaction 人机交互

Internet and Web Applications 互联网和网络应用

Knowledge Data Engineering 知识数据工程

Microprocessors & Semiconductors 微处理器和半导体

Natural Language Processing 自然语言处理

Reconfigurable Computing Systems 可重构计算系统

Robotics and Automation 机器人与自动化

Satellite Systems & Communications 卫星系统与通信

Security & Cryptography 安全与密码学

Internet of Things

Industrial Internet of Things and Big 工业物联网与大数据

Data Multi-terminal collaborative control and IoT smart terminal 多终端协同控制与物联网智能终端

Multi-network resource sharing in IoT environment 物联网环境中的多网资源共享

SDN and Intelligent Service Network SDN与智能服务网

5G technology and its application in the Internet of Things 5G技术及其在物联网中的应用

IoT Information Security物联网信息安全

Internet of Vehicles and Unmanned Vehicles 车联网与无人驾驶

User-facing software-defined services 面向用户的软件定义服务

IoT information analysis and processing 物联网信息分析处理

Heterogeneous Convergence and Multi-Domain Collaboration in IoT Environment 物联网环境中的异构融合与多域协同

IoT Chips and Sensors 物联网芯片与传感器

CPS Technology and Intelligent Information System CPS技术与智能信息系统

IoT Technology Architecture 物联网技术体系架构

Cloud Computing and Big Data in联网中的云计算与大数据

Networking Edge Intelligence and Blockchain 边缘智能与区块链

IoT Wearables 物联网可穿戴设备

Al Big Data Mining

AI, Machine Learning and Big Data 人工智能、机器学习和大数据

AI algorithms 人工智能算法

Natural language processing 自然语言处理

CAD design and testing CAD设计和测试

Computer vision and speech understanding 计算机视觉和语音理解

Data mining and machine learning tools 数据挖掘和机器学习工具

Fuzzy logic 模糊逻辑

Hybrid intelligent systems 混合智能系统

Intelligent system architectures 智能系统架构

Machine learning model compression algorithms 机器学习模型压缩算法

Power-efficient algorithms for machine 机器学习的节能算法

Learning Machine learning based performance tuning 基于机器学习的性能调优

Machine learning based compiler techniques 基于机器学习的编译器技术

Big data governance 大数据治理

Exponential leadership 指数型领导

Software robots 软件机器人

Cyber-attacks and cyber neutrality 网络攻击和网络中立

Industrial Internet of Things 工业物联网.

Blockchain technology 区块链技术

Intelligent Cloud Computing

Cloud Economy 云经济

Distributed and peer-to-peer search 分布式和点对点搜索

Cloud middleware framework 云中间件框架

Cloud optimization and automation 云优化和自动化

Cloud quality and performance 云质量和性能

Cloud resource virtualization and composition 云资源虚拟化与组合

Cloud Solution Design Patterns 云解决方案设计模式

Inelligent Computing Infrastructure and Platforms 智能计算基础设施和平台

Inelligent Computing Models and Tools 智能计算模型与工具

Virtualization 虚拟化

Distributed storage 分布式存储

Time Series Analysis 时间序列分析

Cloud Computing and Blockchain 云计算与区块链

Cloud security and privacy protection 云安全和隐私保护

Signal Processing

Modulation and Coding 调制和编码

Channel Estimation and Equalization 信道估计和均衡

Adaptive Antenna and MIMO Systems 自适应天线和MIMO系统

OFDM and Multicarrier Systems  OFDM和多载波系统

UWB Systems 超宽带系统

Wireless Sensor Networks 无线传感器网络

Cognitive Radio 认知无线电

Relay Networks 中继网络

Multimedia Communications 多媒体通讯

Emergent Wireless Technologies 新兴无线技术

Free Space Communications 自由空间通信

Fiber Optic Systems 光纤系统

Application and Services 应用程序和服务

Signal Processing Track 信号处理轨道

Audio and Speech Processing and Coding 音频和语音处理和编码

Speech and Speaker Recognition 语音和说话人识别

Adaptive and Statistical Signal Processing 自适应和统计信号处理

Image and Video Processing 图像和视频处理

System Identification and Modeling 系统识别和建模

Wavelets and Filter Banks 小波和滤波器组

Soft Computing and Pattern Recognition 软件计算与模式识别

Nonlinear Signal Processing 非线性信号处理

Remote Sensing and Satellite Communications  遥感和卫星通信

FMFDMTV Satellite 调频/调频电视卫星

Satellite MODEM 卫星调制解调器

Linear and Circular polarization of antennas on spectrum analyser 频谱分析仪上天线的线极化和圆极化

Heaven-Earth Emergemcy 天地应急通信

Communication Advances on signal and image processing for remote sensing 遥感信号与图像处理进展

Big Data from Earth Observation: analytics, mining, semantics 来自地球观测的大数据:分析、挖掘、语义

Software Engineering

Software Agent Technology 软件代理技术

Middleware Design Techniques 中间件设计技术

Reliability & Modeling Analysis 可靠性和建模分析

e-Government Engineering 电子政务工程

Modeling with UML 用统一建模语言建模

Cost Modeling and Analysis 成本建模和分析

Component-Based Software Engineering 基于组件的软件工程

Mobile/Wireless Computing 移动/无线计算

Computer & Software Engineering 计算机和软件工程

Communication Systems and Networks 通信系统和网络

Parallel & Distributed Computing 并行和分布式计算

Techmology Transfer 技术转让

Data Mining and Knowledge Recovery 数据挖掘和知识恢复

Safety and Security Critical Software 安全和安保关键软件

Business Process Reengineering & Science 业务流程再造与科学

Artificial Intelligence Reengineering, Reverse Engineering 人工智能再造,逆向工程

Design & Process Engineering & Science 设计与过程工程与科学

Design Patterns & Frameworks 设计模式和框架

Software Process Models Process Management & Improvement  软件过程模型过程管理和改进

Software Architecture 软件体系结构

Software Testing Techmiques 软件测试技术

Telecommunications 电信

Economic and Financal Systems  经济和金融体系

Software Reuse and Metrics 软件重用和度量

Healthcare Engineering 医疗保健工程

Requirements Engineering 需求工程

Object-Oriented Technology 面向对象技术

Distributed Intelligence Systems 分布式智能系统